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"Each year, over four million kids are playing football and endangering their brains every time they go head to head. A growing body of evidence suggests that kind of constant trauma is particularly dangerous for youth football players, whose brains are still developing. For some kids, that means long-term memory problems, depression and even early death." - Sanjay Gupta

Please remember to TiVO or watch "Big Hits, Broken Dreams" on Sunday, January 29th at 8:00pm EST. CNN will be airing Dr. Sanjay Gupta's latest documentary about the concussion crisis in sports as he follows JH Rose High School's (NC) football team on a quest for another state championship.

Dr. Gupta is very supportive of athletic training and in a story in the Daily Breeze (So. California), he is quoted as saying:

"I think based on what we've learned over the last year, that programs need to have athletic trainers," Gupta says. "The economy is down, money is hard to find, but this is one place where probably the money has to be spent to keep the kids safe."

In a promo yesterday on CNN, Gupta cited stats from the NATA Journal of Athletic Training.  To watch that, click here