Concussion Bill becomes Law

House Bill 204 "Protection of Athletes with Head Injuries" was signed into law March 21, 2011. 

We encourage each of you to read and become familiar with this law and how it may effect your setting or the organization you work with.  It went though several changes during the legislative process. It requires that every organization that works with youth sports have a concussion plan and specifically requires licensed health care providers (ATC's) managing concussions to complete specific CEU classes on concussion.

124 (A) the qualified health care provider has, within three years before the day on which
125 the written statement is made, successfully completed a continuing education course in the
126 evaluation and management of a concussion; and
127 (B) the child is cleared to resume participation in the sporting event of the amateur
128 sports organization.

If you have any contacts or ideas on how the UATA public relations committee can help promote and provide information about this bill or program, please contact the UATA.