It's Election Time: Meet the Candidates

We will be voting very soon for our upcoming UATA Board. Look for an email to arrive shortly on the voting process and ballot submission.

Please take a look at the candidates bios below.


Valerie Herzog

  •  Currently works as Weber State University's Graduate Athletic Training Program Director
  • Previous AT leadership roles: Current President of UATA, Former UATA Vice President, BOC Board of Directors, President of the West Virginia Athletic Trainers' Association, Commissioner for the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education, District 7 Rep for NATA Governmental Affairs Committee.


Brian Coles

  • Currently works as the Health Analyst for the Intermountain Power Service Corporation in Delta
  • Previous AT leadership roles: Current UATA Vice President, UATA Legislative Committee Chair, UATA Secretary, NATA Awards Committee, UATA Public Relations Committee Chair

Marcus Homer

  • Currently works at Intermountain Healthcare, assigned as the athletic trainer for Hurricane High School and the Hurricane Valley Physical Therapy Clinic
  • Previous AT leadership roles: UATA Legislative Committee Chair, UATA Secondary Schools Committee member


Patty Fahringer

  • Currently works as the Head Athletic Trainer and teacher at Provo High School
  • Previous AT leadership roles: Currently RMATA ACS Registration Coordinator, RMATA webmaster, UATA webmaster, UATA registration manager

Sara Beaudry

  • Currently works on the Athletic Training Staff at Westminister College
  • Previous AT leadership roles: Currently on the UATA Public Relations committee